Welcome to the Torphins Tennis Club

We are delighted to announce that our courts are now open to members following  the lockdown.

As you might expect we’ve had to make some changes to keep you safe.

  1. Please read the Terms of use before visiting the courts.
  2. Courts must also be booked in advance here to avoid crowding.

It’s been a while since we our courts were open, so as a thank you for your patience,  we are offering half price membership this year. If you’re not a member but would like to use the courts, please take advantage of our reduced membership fees!!

Our Club

The Torphins Tennis Club has two recently resurfaced, flood lit courts that are situated next to the park in the village.

Training and Summer Camps

We are now running an informal league for our members and our professional coach, Graham Kay, is offering Summer Camps (2020) and private lessons. Click here for information on the Summer Camps.

So, if you have you been thinking about picking that racket up again? Are you keen to get fit in a fun way? Are you thinking of introducing your child to a fun sport? If the answer is yes, then don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can get you started.

For more information contact : Ishbel Nunn (ishbel.nunn@gmail.com) or another member of the Torphins Tennis Club Committee.


Website created and updated by Rachel Helliwell on the 13/07/2020

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